Want to work on state-of-the-art nanotechnology tools? Our microscope-on-a-chip technology is trusted by scientists and engineers at startups, Fortune 500 companies, universities and research institutes for cutting-edge research.

Our mission at ICSPI is to make the nanoscale accessible.


Integrated Circuit Scanning Probe Instruments (“eye-see-spy”) makes the nGauge — the world’s first atomic force microscope (AFM) on a chip.

AFMs collect 3-d data about the texture of a surface, down to the nanoscale (on the order of DNA). AFMs are normally expensive, bulky pieces of equipment that are complicated to operate. Over the course of nearly 10 years of research and development at the University of Waterloo, with the support of DARPA, ICSPI has integrated all the components of a normal AFM onto a single 1 mm x 1 mm silicon chip.

The nGauge AFM is trusted by scientists and engineers at leading universities, government institutes, and companies from startups to the Fortune 500. The nGauge AFM is used for research and development in industries such as advanced materials, semiconductor devices, life sciences, aerospace and precision machining.

Current Opportunities

We are always interested in hearing from potential candidates even if no opportunities are listed. Please contact us at with your CV.