C++ (Qt) and JavaScript Software Developer

3-month rolling contract, part-time

Posted January 3, 2019

We are looking for a Qt/C++ and JS developer to work on a rolling three-month, part-time contract. Total number of hours is estimated to be about 100 over the first three months, decreasing to around 10 hours per month afterwards.

We are looking to update the desktop software that our customers use to control the nGauge AFM. Here’s a short video of the three main screens that the user interacts with while running a scan with the nGauge AFM:


What you’ll do:

We’re looking to update the existing code base through:

  • Well-defined UI improvements

  • Well-defined back-end improvements

  • New feature implementation


  • Experience with Qt, C++ and JavaScript

  • Experience with AWS

  • Experience with cross-platform GUI development

  • Experience with git


  • Familiarity with scientific computing


If you are interested in this contract position please get in touch with David Morris at david@icspicorp.com


ICSPI (“eye-see-spy”) makes the nGauge — the world’s first atomic force microscope (AFM) on a chip. An AFM works kind of like a record player: a small probe tip scans the surface of the sample and collects 3-dimensional data of the sample’s texture down to the nanoscale. The nGauge AFM is trusted by leading universities, government institutes, and companies from startups to the Fortune 500. The nGauge AFM is used for critical applications in semiconductor devices, aerospace, biology, quantum computing, and cutting-edge material development.